Case Study 2 – Compressor Oil Decontamination Prevents Costly Breakdowns


System:          Gas Compressor (Centrifugal, Variable Speed)

Oil Brand:      Hydraulic Oil – Total Preslia 46

Volume:          40,000 liters

Problem:        Mineral Oil degradation by products formation due to mechanical and thermal stresses resulting into varnish and sludge deposition in the lubrication system. Sticking valves, high bearing temperatures, filter choking, restart problems, poor oil cooler efficiency, bearing babbit metal wipe out.

Summary of Project: HYPRO SVR skid was installed on the Compressor Lubrication system for Oil cleaning in order to eliminate the associated problems. To quantify the results, bi-monthly Oil analysis was conducted to monitor the improvement in oil condition. Within 3 months, the Oil condition was back to the normal range, thereby eliminating sticky valves problem, bearing temperatures back to normal, no more filter choking and improving the oil cooler efficiency.

Quantified goals:      Reduction in ISO 4406 Particle count below 18/15/10

MPC < 15.   All other parameters within normal limits

ISO code before Hy-Pro:       20/17/13

ISO code after Hy-Pro:          14/12/7

Benefits achieved:  The overall cost savings in terms of Production and Maintenance cost estimated to be >1.5 Million USD