Case Study 1 – Turbine Oil Varnish Control for GE Frame 9E Power Turbine

System:             GE Frame 9E Power Turbine

Oil Brand:        Shell Turbo CC32

Oil Volume:     13,000 liters

Problem:           Sludge and Varnish deposition in Turbine Oil and Hydraulic Control Oil system, caused Turbine trips, Servo valves failures, Sticking valves, high bearing temperatures, filter choking, restart problems and poor oil cooler efficiency.

Summary of project: 

HYPRO SVR1200 Soluble Varnish and contamination removal unit was selected for turbine Oil and System cleaning in order to eliminate the associated problems. To quantify the results, bi-monthly Oil analysis was conducted to monitor the improvement in oil condition. Within 3 months of installation of HYPRO SVR1200 unit, the results were achieved. Eliminated turbine trip events related to sticky valves, Improvement in bearing temperatures, reduction of filter consumption due to reduced filter choking, oil cooler efficiency improved.

Quantified goals:  ISO 4406 Particle count < 17/14/10

                                     MPC < 15

                                     TAN < 0.06

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Benefits achieved – USD $$$

  • Reduction in Power turbines frequent trips and restart problems associated with Oil Varnishing resulted in uninterrupted Power supply to the Oil & Gas production operations. Improvement of Power availability by 0.06% corresponds to an average 219,000 Boe / year of extra oil production.
  • The estimated Corrective Maintenance Cost Savings associated with implementation of Varnish control measures exceeded 100,000 USD / year.

SVR1200 Unit installed at GE Frame 9E Power Turbine

Case Study 1 snapshot of skid